Jesus Cares Center


Jesus Cares Centre is a community of people who believes in the power of prayer, worship Jesus and grow together in God’s love. We are a church. We are a family. We invite you to join us.

Community Outreach

We believe it's our responsibility to share the love of God with our local and wider community around the world.

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Bible Studies

We invite you to join our online The Hour of Hope bible study. They're a great opportunity to really dig into the word of God.

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Online Church Service

Visit our online church service on Sunday morning for corporate worship, a brief, relevant message, and a chance to mingle.

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Worship Live

Sunday Weekly

9:00 am (JST) English service

10:00 am (JST) Japanese service

11:00 am (JST) Chinese service

12:00 pm (JST) English service

1:00 pm (JST) Japanese service

2:00 pm (JST) Chinese service